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People of all ages and income levels should have health insurance. Plus, it is the law! Going without coverage will result in a penalty of $695 for adults and $347.50 for children. Individuals with lower incomes are eligible for credits and subsidies to help pay for the cost of a health insurance policy and other medical expenses. However, undocumented immigrants cannot purchase health insurance coverage in the United States.


The first years of development are by far the most important. Access to routine doctor visits gives your children the best chance of living a healthy life. Vaccines, speech, hearing and vision tests, and screening for genetic defects are among the many services your pediatrician can provide without additional costs when your children are insured.



Health insurance coverage will save you money in the long run. The inability to pay costly medical bills is the number one reason people file for individual bankruptcy. Unpaid medical bills will ruin your credit and thus your ability to purchase a home, vehicle, or make other financial decisions. Bad credit can even affect your ability to get a job.

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Lake Forest CA

“I couldn’t find insurance that I could afford, so I relied on health clinics near me. Since I found Essential Health Insurance, I can proudly say that I have coverage that I can afford.”


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“Juan set us up with general coverage for my family that exceed our prior coverage and saved us a few bucks at the same time. Good Stuff.”


Austin TX

“We live in a time where coverage costs are rising a lot. I struggled a lot to find better coverage options in my price range. I would like to strongly recommend Essential Health Insurance as a terrific provider.”


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